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Green & red colors

Green & red colors (B 054)

Green color of power

Green color of power (B 055)

Heat picture

Heat picture (B 056)

In front of Pinocchio

In front of Pinocchio (B 057)

Marcus in front of Pinocchio, by Jim Dine(Borås/Sweden.Hasse Persson on the right explains the story.

Inside thoughts

Inside thoughts (B 058)

Se within, listen to your thoughts.

Kandidatexamen (B 059)

B.F.A degree in Graphic Design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Graduation: May 31, 2003. GPA 3.41
Marcus outside DKH 2009

Marcus outside DKH 2009 (B 06)

Kulturnämndens ordförande, Helsingborgs Stad

Kulturnämndens ordförande, Helsingborgs Stad (B 060)

Kulturnämndens ordförande, Anders Lundström. Talar om Dunkers historia och framtid.

October 2009

October 2009 (B 061)

Marcus Art Exhibition, oct 2, 2009 at Brun Mediaproduktion AB. Helsingborg/Sweden.
Painting details

Painting details (B 062)

Pinocchio by Jim Dine

Pinocchio by Jim Dine (B 064)

Pinocchio by Jim Dine, Borås/Sweden
Showing the directions of energy

Showing the directions of energy (B 065)

Pop Art picture

Pop Art picture (B 066)

Thoughts 2009

Thoughts 2009 (B 067)

Marcus painting 2009

Marcus painting 2009 (B 07)

Marcus Waltermarks Vernissage

Marcus Waltermarks Vernissage (B 08)

Friday oct 2, 2009. Ekslingan 10 in Helsingborg/Sweden. About 100 people attended my art exhibition.


Marcus-with-coffee (B 09)

Ink drawing II

Ink drawing II (DR052)

Ink drawing
Ink drawing

Ink drawing (DR053)

Ink drawing
Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing (DR054)

Drawing a part of down town Savannah

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